Do You Feel Like Something Is Missing On The Inside?

Is something missing?I am not interested in judging you, or questioning you, or even arguing with you regarding religion.  I love you no matter what.  You are free to choose whatever life you wish.  And I don’t judge you whatever choice you make.  I do ask this one thing, at least hear out the offer of salvation made by Jesus Christ.

I am a born again Son of God.  I am a new creation thanks to the miraculous work of Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit.  I am not ashamed of that.  I am not a nut case.  I am a genuine, intellectual, fun-loving guy who wants to be real with you.

All I know is this:  Jesus Christ changed my life forever, and I firmly believe that no one can find true peace and happiness unless they come to Him; The source of Peace.

Maybe you have come to this website looking to find Christian material, because you are curious about this Christian thing.  Maybe you came across this website by accident, and find yourself intrigued by what you see and hear.  Let me tell you, it is no mistake you are here…

Have you ever heard the Good News of Jesus Christ?  Have you ever been born again?

Jesus said that no man can enter the Kingdom of God unless he is born again, or “born from above”.

You see, we are spiritual beings.  Look around you, there is spiritual material everywhere you look.  Fortune tellers, psychics, palm readers, horoscopes, meditation, yoga, the list goes on!  But!  Our spirits are dead to the One True Living God.

Adam and Eve disobeyed God thousands of years ago in the Garden of Eden, and on that day, their spirits died to God.  And since then, every human being on the planet was born with a sinful nature inside of them, with spirits dead to God.

Nothing we could ever do could change our condition.  No amount of righteous acts could ever make us holy and righteous before God.

Only God could and can make us righteous.  But, because God is righteous and just, there needed to be a payment for the sins of the world.  It was either man died forever without ever knowing God; OR… God, in His Love and Mercy, died on our behalf to make us righteous.  Crazy?  Yep, crazy.  But God is more loving and merciful than you could ever imagine.

And so, to satisfy the “courts of the Universe” as it were, and in keeping with His righteous justice, God sent His very own Son, Jesus Christ, in the nature of man, to die on our behalf.  He lived a perfect life, and committed no sin.  He was righteous in every way possible.  And yet He was brutally murdered on our behalf.  The Righteous Son of God became the sin of the world, so that sinful men could become the Righteousness of God.  What a sacrifice!  What Love!  What Grace!

On that day when Jesus died, the atonement for all the sins of the world was complete.  Jesus cried out “it is finished”, and it was!  The sins of the world had been paid for at that moment in history.  Every sin ever committed, and ever to be committed.  Paid for.  Once and for all.

He then stayed in His grave for 3 days, where He was dead.  The very Son of God, dead to the world.  But 3 days later, by a supernatural miracle, He rose again, back to life.  And He conquered death itself!!

By dying on the Cross, Jesus paid for all the wickedness in man’s hearts.  By rising up to conquer death itself, He had the Power to bring man’s hearts alive!

This is what Jesus was talking about in John chapter 3 when He said to a wise man named Nicodemus that “if anyone wants to see the Kingdom of Heaven, He needs to be born again.”

Jesus said to Him that just as flesh gives birth to flesh, spirit gives birth to spirit.  You were born once in your mother’s womb, but your spirit needs to be given birth to by the Holy Spirit of God!  When that happens, you will be changed forever!

By believing that He really did die for ALL your sins on the Cross, and that He rose again 3 days later, you can be born again.  God promises that He will remove your old heart that was dead to Him, hardened by sin, and He will replace it with a brand new heart, a new spirit He says.  A spirit that is alive to God.  You will know Him intimately!  You will feel His love.  You will feel His Presence!

God is not interested in telling you how bad a person you’ve been.  God is interested in saving you.  Jesus’ words were that God did not send Him (Jesus) into this world to condemn us, but to save us.

You can be “saved” right now.  By simply putting your faith in Him as the Son of God who takes away the sins of the world, you can receive forgiveness for all your sins.  Past, present, and future.  All the weight of your sins were carried by Jesus Christ on the Cross.  He was the perfect sacrifice.  And when you believe in Him, you will become a new creation, born from above.

You will feel unexplainable, perfect peace.  You will feel unexplainable perfect love.  Perfect joy.  You will be changed forever.

So I invite you.  Come to Jesus today.  Put your trust in Him as the Son of God, and let Him carry your burdens.  Let Him change your life for good.

You will be awakened to a good God who loves you so much, and your heart will find peace beyond your wildest dreams.  You will have the privilege of knowing the Creator of the Universe as your Dad.  Incredible isn't it?

Stop searching, the answer is right here.

------- ----  

If you are reading this and you want this new heart.  You want to come alive to God.  You want to know the Creator of the Universe as your Father.  Then pray this prayer with all your heart with me:

Lord Jesus,

I want to be born again.  I want to be born from above!

I have heard this Good News.  This Good News that you Jesus, the very Son of the Living God, took up ALL my sins on the Cross.

Today, I give you my life.  I recognize you as the King of all Kings, and I make you King of my life.

I recognize that I am a sinful person, and the only way I can be saved is by accepting your free gift of forgiveness.  Thank you so much for your forgiveness.  Thank you so much for your precious blood, that washes me clean of every sin I have ever committed, and makes me white as snow!  Thank you that you impart to me the very righteousness of God!

I want to feel your love, your peace, and your joy.  Please give me a new heart, and fill me with your love, peace and joy. 

Fill me with your Holy Spirit, that I may know you!  Thank you so much for your love.

I turn to you today, Jesus.  The Son of God, and I ask that you make me a new person, right now.  Change my life forever.  I want to follow you for all my days.

Thank you so much, that from this day forward I am a new person, made righteous because of what you did for me!



Wow.  Congratulations!  You have just made the biggest decision of your life!  You have decided to put your faith in Jesus, and because of that, I can promise you, you will never, ever be the same again!

What now?

Well, you’re a spiritual creation, now.  A new creation.  You have a new spirit inside of you, and it is alive to God.  You may fee like you can’t stop crying, you may feel happiness bubbling up from inside of you, you may feel supernatural peace wash over you!  These things happen because your spirit that was once dead to God is now alive to God.  And because of that you can see how great His Love is for you, and how good He really is!

But now you need to “feed your spirit” as it were.  A fire has been lit inside of you, and it needs to grow.  How do you do that?

Well, Jesus said that when He goes He will send the Holy Spirit to walk with us.  You can walk in intimate relationship with God Himself, His Holy Spirit.  He will lead you, and tell you what to do, and feed you deeply.  Continue to walk in Him and with Him.

Read the Bible, with the help of the Holy Spirit.  The Bible is God’s Word, written by people inspired by the Holy Spirit Himself.  And so if you ask Him to show you what it means, He will.  After all, He is the Author.

I run a devotional that offers writings based on God’s Word.  It is aimed to encourage and feed your spirit.

Don’t try too hard in this thing.  Walk in relationship with the Holy Spirit every day.  And let Him lead you.  Find relationships with loving people you look up to, or you can trust.  Other born-again believers in Jesus.

Find a good church.  Church is good.  You get to meet other people who have been born-again, and they can help you.  They can offer you friendship that counts.  A shoulder to cry on, comfort when you’re in need.  The preaching in the church should be able to help you understand the Bible even better.  It should help you know Jesus better!  It should be filled with life.  The life of the Holy Spirit!

You want a church that preaches the Bible with authority and depth, yet with the relevance that you can understand.  And at the same time, are open to allow Holy Spirit move among them freely, without limitation.

Keep looking around for a good church until you find one that you feel comfortable with.  Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you, because He will.

I would love to hear from you, and help along your journey.  You can contact me through the links on the "Contact" page.

Congratulations once more, and may you know the Love of God more and more!