Bill Johnson on the Leadership Podcast

Bill Johnson on Sonic Substance For those that don't know, Bill Johnson is the senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, USA. What is happening at Bethel Church is significant. Deeply significant. In my opinion they are at the forefront of a worldwide move of God. This not to say they are the only ones. But they are certainly among the pioneers.

What is happening at Bethel, and the ministry coming out of Bethel Church, is nothing short of revival. Countless people are encountering the Living God in powerful ways as they are healed, delivered, baptized or simply loved for the first time. And many of these encounters happen on the streets.

The entire city of Redding is undergoing a revolution in the wake of one church's vision and mission: To bring Heaven to Earth. And this is no exaggeration.

My wife and I visited Bethel in January 2010, where we witnessed first-hand the influence the church has had on the city. Everyone we came into contact with knew about their existence and their influence.

Bill Johnson has been the senior leader at Bethel since the mid nineties where he has unashamedly pursued a Powerful Gospel as outlined in Scripture. Whatever the cost. The cost has been great, but so has the reward. Bill has gone onto write incredible books such as "When Heaven Invades Earth", its follow-up "The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind", "Face to Face with God" and many others. These resources add to a comprehensive list of books and CDs coming out Bethel which can all be found on their website.

I had the privilege of interviewing Bill before one of their evening services on a Sunday afternoon. Bill was incredibly gracious, humble, and down to earth. His heart of wanting no other name to be exalted but that of Jesus comes across so clearly. The interview is filled with rich pearls of wisdom that will no doubt stir your hunger for greater things in the Kingdom of God. Be warned!

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